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An Overview of Sports Knee Braces

Athletes making use of the sports knee brace is not exactly a new occurrence. Sports knee braces have been used for many years by both amateur and professional athletes for the use of preventing injury and also to brace joints which have sustained an injury during a sporting event. The one thing that is new in the world of sports knee braces is the fact that they have come under fire in a storm of controversy about their use.

Some people are now advocating that the use of a sports knee brace can actually increase the risk of injury to the athlete who is using it. These people who are they gets the use of sports knee braces claim that the brace used on an uninjured joint gives no protection but rather gives a false sense of security. However some individuals stick to their claim that using a sports knee brace on and on injured joint can protect it from sustaining an injury during play.

Of course if you ask the athletes themselves you will find that there are athletes who swear by the use of sports knee braces while others believe that they do not offer any benefits and may actually hinder their performance.

Those athletes who generally do not make use of sports knee braces are those who rely on their speed and their agility to perform at a peak level. The athletes who are indifferent or actually use the sports knee brace are those who are more of a defensive athlete and rely on sheer power rather than speed to perform.

So as you can see it all depends on what type of sport one plays and what position that they play which will determine their opinion on the use of a sports knee brace. Medical practitioners which work within the sports medicine field themselves are still locked in debate on whether they use of sports knee braces give competitors any protection before or after an injury. So the use of a sports knee brace is totally up to the athlete to decide if it is in their best interest.

Knee braces are considered to fall into one of two categories. These two categories are functional knee braces and prophylactic knee braces. The functional knee brace is designed to support joints which have been any injured or damaged and act as substitute ligaments. Functional knee braces also limit the mobility of the affected joint. This is necessary because they are designed to support the weight of the individual and relieve stress on the joint. By removing the weight from the joint and providing proper support than they can heal quicker and the athlete can get back in the game.

The prophylactic knee brace is designed to prevent a knee injury. These knee braces are used in sports which are considered high risk which of course includes soccer, rugby and football among others. The knee is considered one of the most vulnerable joints on the human body, and this knee brace is used to help protect it.

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